South Wales ticketing agency to be placed into liquidation

Ticket Line (UK) Limited is based in Cardiff, and provides tickets for live shows, sporting events and day trips, predominantly to London.

CVR Global was called in after Ticket Line (UK) Limited suffered a downturn in trade.

Elias Paourou and David Oprey, from CVR Global will be appointed as liquidators on 29 November. All of Ticket Line (UK) Limited’s staff have been made redundant.

Customers that have outstanding orders with Ticket Line (UK) Limited have also been written to, informing them of the business’ pending liquidation.

Paourou said: “Unfortunately due to the increasingly competitive market of the ticketing industry, Ticket Line (UK) Limited could no longer continue trading.

“We are now in the process of trying to find a potential buyer in the best interests of the company’s 2,000 customers.

“Customers who have paid for their tickets by credit card are advised to contact their credit card provider to establish if they are eligible for a refund.”

CVR Global are also working with attractions to establish whether they will honour pre-paid tickets as a good will gesture and advise customers who have tickets to future events to contact the organisers directly to establish whether their tickets will be honoured.