An overview of current trends seen by CVR Global’s offshore offices

Notwithstanding current international instability, CVR Global’s offshore services in the BVI and Jersey continue to operate, albeit with remove working practices as required.

We have seen a recent uptick in the demand for both contentious insolvency solutions, as well as non-contentious restructuring, reorganisation and solvent liquidation procedures.


Key drivers of the recent demand for non-contentious solvent liquidation procedures appear to be:

– UK tax year – end, driving the need to conclude UK asset transfers and transactions, where held by offshore structures

– Early 2020 Post-Brexit demand in UK real estate transactions held by offshore structures

– Moderate post-Covid 19 return to business from our APAC region client base

– Clients undertaking restructuring and a general tidying-up of offshore corporate structures


Key factors in the rise for contentious solutions vary, but generally follow the trend of having the following triggers:

– Unsatisfied debts owing by offshore structures and/or breach of contractual obligations

– Deterioration in stakeholder relationships, driving insolvency appointments

– Proactive steps by management, in relation to offshore structures they oversee, when it is evidently insolvent


CVR Global’s offshore team remain at the disposal of our clients and intermediaries for any BVI or Jersey queries, whether:

– Non-contentious restructuring and solvent liquidations

– Court appointed liquidations (including Provisional Liquidations)

– Shareholder initiated insolvent liquidations

– Receiverships

– Désastre proceedings


For more information, please contact our offshore services team.


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