Whether you’re a Director, Partner or Sole Trader of a business, being faced with increasing debt and creditor pressure can be a very stressful period of time.

It is very important to act promptly in these circumstances whilst there are still options available to you.

CVR’s experienced team will be able to help you in this period and act on your behalf to negotiate with your creditors, whether it be to successfully gain a short breathing space or a total restructure of debts.

We often find that creditors will co-operate, particularly when they understand that the alternative is a formal insolvency which will often lead to a less favourable outcome for the creditor. We therefore look to achieve a successful outcome for you via either informal negotiations or if necessary formal restructuring.

In either circumstance our team of experts at CVR are very experienced and can help you to move forward. In some cases it maybe that you are receiving pressure from HMRC to clear arrears of tax. Our team has extensive experience of negotiating with HMRC and in particular helping businesses to achieve Time To Pay arrangements.

We are also able to help you to identify and address the issues affecting your business performance. Where possible we can assist with refinance or raising funds to greatly improve your company cashflow. This could be via invoice factoring, discounting, asset finance or private equity.

If appropriate, a formal process may be required to restructure the business and our team of experts will be able to advise you on the key steps involved to achieving a successful outcome. It is important that you act promptly.

For further information about Creditor Negotiation, please contact your local office Partner.